Ferment Foodies – What The Hell Are Ramps?

The true start of Spring is the sign of those delicious wild greens popping up in the forest: Ramps. We’ve had several people ask not only what these are, but what to do with them. Here we will highlights some of our favorite recipes featuring this local foraged favorite. Ramps, or wild leek, are foraged from shaded, woody areas in North America and have a pungent onion/garlic flavor. They’re sure to bring unique flavor to any meal. Check out some recipe inspiration below!

Ramps - Foraging  Ramps - Foraging MI


-Ramp Butter / Oil : Chop ramps and mix. Store in freezer to use all year long!

-Breakfast: Ramps and eggs are the perfect combination! Use them in a quiche, fried in butter, ramp benedict, toss them in with an omelette, or even ramp gravy with ramp biscuits!! Avocado toast is a great way to start the day, so why not mix in some ramps and top with your favorite nuts. Also, try chopping and blending with cream cheese, and pair with smoked salmon for a wild lox brunch.

-Pickled: Have this flavorful treat all year!

-Grilled: Toss in oil, and sear for just a few moments on the grill.

-Burger & Steak: Ramps add a spring touch to your favorite comfort foods.

-Ramp Pesto: Blend with your favorite nuts, oils, and seasons. A Ferment favorite includes walnuts, pecorino cheese, & lemon!

-Beer Battered: Mix up your favorite batter (Worker’s Daily cream ale & flour) and fry them whole.

-Salad Dressing: Think greek yogurt, vinegar, honey, oil, & lemon

-Potato Salad: Pair ramps and radishes and you’re sure to have a memorable BBQ dish

-Tart or Pizza: Yumm..blue cheese or goat cheese, ramps, and mushrooms or asparagus.. baked to perfection

-Sausage Lasagna: A fun twist on a family friendly Italian classic

-Bruschetta: Crostinis topped with a mix of tomatoes, ramps and oil.

-Savory muffins: Don’t forget the cheese!

-Hummus: Enough said

-Pinwheels: Perfect for a party

-Quesadilla: chorizo, cheese & ramps

We’re not kidding, you could put these in just about anything! Share your favorite recipes with us on Facebook!

P.S. When foraging, but sure to leave the roots and don’t harvest more than about a 1/4 of the bunch. You want some for next year, right? Get Ramped up and Happy Hunting!







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