Spent Grain Flour

If you’re like us, after brew day is done you are left with buckets of spent grain. We are fortunate enough to have ours go to a local farmer, but there are plenty of other uses for it, too!

As you probably know, spent grain is what’s leftover after you extract all those sugars for your yeast to ferment. One of our favorite things to do with it: Spent Grain Flour. This is such a versatile way to use this brewing by-product. Once you have your flour, you can use it in anything you’d like! We’ll be sure to post a few recipes as a follow-up to give you some fun ideas. Although it takes some time, this requires little effort and is definitely worth it.

Spent Grain Flour Recipe:

1. Squeeze any excess water from the grains

2. Heat oven to your lowest setting, about 200 degrees

3. Spread the grains out on a large cookie sheet, making sure to leave some room and not pack it down

4. Every couple hours stir and rake the grains using a spatula. Your grains will be in the over for about 6 hours total. In the last couple hours of the drying process as the grains get close to being fully dried, rake the grains more often to prevent scorching

5. Once the grains are all dried out, they’re ready to be processed. Scoop a portion of grains into a food processor and grind. You may need to stop and stir the grains a bit to ensure the grind is even. A blender, coffee grinder or spice grinder can be used in stead of a food processor with just a bit more effort.

6. Store the spent grain flour in airtight containers and place in your cupboard for future use. It is important to ensure the flour is completely dry (as it should have been before the food processing step) to prevent any chance of the flour going bad.

You’re ready to use your spent grain flour! Be sure to check out our upcoming posts about using it in falafel, bread, and more!


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